What is a Cryosauna?

Everyone’s Curious…What is a Cryosauna?

What is a cryosauna? Also known as a cryotherapy machine (and often mistaken as a cryo chamber), a cryosauna is a type of equipment used to administer cryotherapy sessions.

Often described as resembling a stand-up tanning bed, cryosaunas are designed to create a comfortable cold therapy experience. Unlike cryotherapy chambers, they are built with a strategic opening at the top to allow participants to breathe freely – eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia.

At Impact Cryotherapy, our products are custom built right here in the U.S. to be the safest and highest-quality cryosaunas in the industry – in fact, our entire line of machines have earned CE and ETL certifications. Our industry-leading Smart Sauna software simplifies the user interface and even integrates a monitoring system with built-in safety protocols. The direct communication from the software to the technician exceeds current safety standards and ensures sessions are replicated without fail.

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