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Whether you're starting, growing or enhancing your business, Impact Cryosaunas can help to bring extra revenue by offering to your customers whole body cryotherapy and help them achieve their wellness goal.

Nitrogen Cryosaunas

Built to last
Efficiency & control
Unique design

Electric Coldspa

Modern design
Multiple people
Efficient technology

Increase revenue and help customers

Adding whole body cryotherapy to your business can increase revenue and help customers. A 3-minute revenue machine that can be combined with other recovery services in your business.

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Interested in adding a cryosauna to your business?

Our nitrogen Cryosaunas and Electric Coldspas can help generate revenue while helping your customers achieving their wellness goals.

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Helping others to succeed

• Spas & Salons
• Gyms
• Sports Teams
• Chiropractors
• Wellness Centers

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