Electric Coldspa


Powering Recovery, Health & Wellness

As the leader in developing cryotherapy and wellness products, training and support, delivering the best in the market electric solution for cold therapy is at the forefront of our mission to the market and our clients. Our Coldspa electric technology is first to market with these key features:

  • The aim of the Coldspa experience is to replicate a nitrogen cold without using fans

  • The CryoCooler is connected to a heat exchanger within the cryochamber

  • Cold distributed throughout the chamber without the aggressive usage of fans

  • The Coldspa is powered by 3 phase power with typical 480V output

  • The CryoCooler uses water as a coolant agent, NO water source needed

  • The CryoCooler operates on a closed-loop basis so as long as it is on, cold air is being produced

  • No need for additional compressors, condensers or evaporators, decreasing significant service issues

  • The precool time is 2 hours and will be auto set to precool before operation

  • Designed for no down time during operation


Quick Cool Down Operates All Day Heated Windows & Doors


Only in contact with breathable air Monitoring as standard equipment Automated shut off system as standard


12 pre-loaded session options Increase your revenue potential

User Experience

Bluetooth Music System Bright LED Lighting Noise level c. 60db

Electric Coldspa Models

Single Cold Spa

Our Single Coldspa offers the highest level of efficiency and safety, while delivering quality cryotherapy sessions.

  • Available in compact and XL (with tank storage cupboard)
  • Covers 4 main audience segments
  • Spacious interior
  • Temperature can be set (as low as -202ºF / -130ºC)

Double Cold Spa

Our luxurious Double Coldspa is the very latest technology in cryotherapy chambers. It is designed to offer the highest quality cryotherapy to multiple users at the same time.

  • Ideal for up to 6 people
  • Built-in a pre-chamber (cooled to -76ºF / -60ºC)
  • Luxurious and extremely spacious interior
  • Temperature can be set (as low as -256ºF / -160ºC)

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