4 Things You’ll Learn About Cryotherapy Because Joe Rogan Loves It More Than Anyone

The man, the myth, the legend: Joe Rogan.

If you’ve ever watched his interviews or listened to his podcasts, you know one thing: Joe Rogan loves cryotherapy. And the best part is, he loves it in a way that makes it educational for all of us. Here’s a short list of the four things that you’ll definitely find out if you’re a fan.

#1. Cryotherapy is the go-to prep for UFC all-stars.

“My friend Eddie Bravo, when he was preparing for his match against Royler Gracie, started using it on a daily basis. Alan Jouban — his knee was hurt — he did it twice a day, every day before his last UFC fight and it totally fixed all the inflammation in his knee.”

If you’re touting your friends, you really believe in something. And that’s clear as soon as Rogan gets asked about how he got into cryotherapy, why he loves it, and what’s so great about it. And his friends aren’t just random people, they’re some of the fittest athletes in the world. So, you want to train like a UFC fighter and get real results? Hop into a cryo chamber — for Rogan, it’s as simple as that.

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#2. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is on board with him about cryotherapy.

Rogan is transparent about his lack of medical knowledge, but just to prove he’s not the kind of person to just follow any trend, he brings in experts like Dr. Rhonda Patrick to tout why cryotherapy is worth the hype. And that’s something we can get behind — great results, and even better data.

“The data is out there. It’s not like there’s no data.” – Dr. Patrick

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#3. Is cryo a natural mood booster?

“What can’t be denied is the way that [cryotherapy] makes you feel. You do three minutes in one of those cryotherapy places and you come out like ‘WOO.’ I’ll give a lot for that ‘WOO.’”

Rogan knows what you’re thinking. Why is this dip into Antarctica-like temperatures good for me? Instead of going on about the benefits first, he gets straight to the point to get you hooked: It just feels good. And when you’re in pain, that’s a pretty good reason to take the cryotherapy plunge.

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#4. You’re not shivering in vain.

“There are real benefits. It feels really good when you get out. Your brain produces really strong chemicals when you’re in there, ‘cold shock proteins’ is what they call them, and it also produces norepinephrine, which is like a cousin of adrenaline.”
There’s one thing Rogan is absolutely clear on: It’s going to be really cold. At more than a hundred degrees below freezing, a cryochamber is no walk into a relaxing sauna — and he’s upfront about it. But he’s also quick to share exactly why that cold is 100% worth it.

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So, does Rogan recommend cryotherapy to his guests?


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