Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cryotherapy

If you own a fitness center, gym, or wellness facility, you need to add cryotherapy to your list of amenities/services – here’s why:

1. Cryotherapy is Hot 
Well, actually it’s very, very cold but it’s also very trendy. Give your clients access to the sought-after therpy by adding an Impact Cryotherapy Cryosauna to your facility. Celebs, pro athletes, models (just to name a few – Will SmithJordan Spieth, Chase Chrisley, Steve Aoki, Laurie Hernandez, Ludacris…), all enjoy all chilling out in the Impact cryo machine. Your existing clients will want to get on the celeb-endorsed cryo trend and it will also generate interest from new clients!

2. It Provides an Opportunity to Produce Additional Revenue
Cryotherapy is a growing trend that generates loyalty, repeat usage AND a strong ROI! Sessions only take 3 minutes, therefore there is RAPID turnover, plus, cryo users can get their chill on multiple times during the day/week, etc.

3. Cryotherapy is a Compliment to your Client’s Existing Wellness Programs
Whole body cryotherapy promotes natural healing and wellness thus making it the perfect addition to your clients’ efforts to get fit or stay fit. In fact, many cryotherapy participants say they experience a multitude of wellness benefits!

4. Cryosaunas are Very Cool
Cryosaunas (or as some call them cryotherapy units, cryotherapy machines, cryotherapy chambers) are cool. The Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna can cool down to -120 degrees Celsius (-184 degrees Fahrenheit) – that is crazy cold! The Impact Cryosauna also looks – and it’s available in three sleek and unique styles!

Now, are you ready to add cryotherapy to your list of offerings? Let’s get started!

Still not convinced that you NEED cryotherapy at your location*pronto*? Click on over to The Octagon Advantage to learn more about the Impact Cryotherapy package!