Cryotherapy: How to Generate Revenue in a Closet-Sized Space

Bigger space, more clients. Right? Not necessarily.

From chiropractic offices and physical therapy practices to any business in the health and wellness space, cryotherapy can compliment any health and wellness routine, making it attractive to businesses who are looking to drive additional revenue and upsell their offerings. And the best part? Businesses don’t have to find more space to create a profit center with cryotherapy.

Only requiring a 10×10 space to get started, an Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna offers a whole body cryotherapy experience that can make better use of an empty closet, an unused office, or a converted tanning bed station in as little as 30 days. Here’s how:

1. You’ll turn out people every three minutes.

While you may think “small space, tiny results,” with Impact Cryotherapy’s whole body cryotherapy machine, that’s not the case. With each session lasting less than five minutes, a cryosauna is not only the latest in wellness modalities, but it’s also incredibly efficient. Clients can stop by during their lunch break, stay around after a powerful workout, or drop in first thing in the morning to get a jumpstart on their day. The best part: one customer is in and out in less than five minutes, giving you another 55 minutes per hour to generate income.

Additionally, unlike other cryotherapy machines, the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna requires zero drying-out time, therefore, you can run back-to-back, uninterrupted cryo sessions from open to close.

2. Additional services can help you upsell.

Have membership or VIP perks for your clients? Offering cryotherapy can be a great way to show your clients your appreciation for their business or to tip them into the next bracket of membership. Whether you’re selling a pass for multiple cryotherapy sessions to current members or including it in a starter package to get the attention of new clients, cryotherapy can be the advantage you need to convert more customers and provide a better selection of alternative therapies to your client base.

3. Cryotherapy helps provides extra customer service.

Even when your customer service is the highlight of your business, trying out a new way to wow your clients is always a great way to build value with your customer base. As a leading wellness trend among celebrities and professional athletes like Demi Moore, Lebron James, Steph Curry, and Will Smith, offering cryotherapy opportunities can excite your customers and leave them with a lasting experience. With all the benefits reported from cryotherapy, you’ll also be treating them to whole body rejuvenation, and help them meet their health and wellness goals faster.

4. An in-house cryosauna will keep your clients in your space.

Perhaps the best benefit of installing an Impact Cryotherapy machine at your location is its ability to keep your clients in-house — and coming back for more. With cryotherapy as one of the coolest health trends, wellness enthusiasts and fitness gurus are looking for places where they can both try and continue using this service. Capitalize on the interest in cryotherapy by offering it to your clients at your location — that way, they don’t have to go anywhere else to experience the latest in wellness.

Interested in starting your cryotherapy business with Impact Cryotherapy — or adding a machine to your existing business? We’re excited for you to get started. Reach out to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts, and launch your cryotherapy project in as few as four weeks.