How to Launch a Cryotherapy Business in 30 days

You’ve done your research, you’ve tried it out yourself, and now you’ve made a revolutionary decision: You’re going to bring cryotherapy to your clients.

With cryotherapy rising as one of the leading new modalities in the world of fitness and wellness, it’s a great time to be getting involved with the cold therapy technique that’s been around for centuries. But what’s even better is that getting involved with cryotherapy via Impact Cryotherapy is amazingly straightforward — and that process can happen in as few as 30 days.

Interested? Here’s how.

Step 1: Figure out your space.

The Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna only requires a 10×10 space to get started. It can be an unused closet, a corner of the break room, or even a converted office space. The short story? Bring us your proposed space and we’ll figure out exactly how the installation will work.

Step 2: Schedule your onsite FREE site evaluation.

Before installation, we’ll assess your space and help you get set up with a nitrogen gas supplier. We work directly with the energy source to ensure that each of our clients has a strong relationship from the beginning. This isn’t offered by every cryosauna manufacturer or distributor, but we feel really strongly about ot. After all, your gas provider will be coming out on a regular basis, so we like to set up a relationship that you can trust from the start.

Step 3: Set up your installation day.

Once your space is ready, we can install your machine in a little as 10 days because unlike other providers, we manufacture directly in the U.S. and have machines ready to ship out and install as soon as possible.

Step 4: Get trained.

Before you can start selling Impact Cryotherapy , we make sure your entire staff is certified with a two-day on-site training. Our Impact Cryotherapy experts are there to help you learn how to operate the machines. You and your staff will be able to ask questions, try the machine out for yourself, and learn the in’s and out’s of the Impact Cryotherapy machine to a “t.” After that, we’ll have a final exam, and we’ll be available for follow-up training as needed.

Step 5: Open up.

Once your machine is installed and your staff is trained, you’re good to go! Along the way, we’ll also be available to provide service and support to help out with any questions, concerns, or repairs — whether that’s through email, FaceTime, or an on-site visit. Plus we’ll provide you with marketing support to get you going with the messaging you need to be successful. The best part? All of this additional support is part of your total package — and we’re the only American cryosauna manufacturer with all of those options available.

Ready to get started? We’re excited to help. Go ahead and get in touch with us.