The Temperature Myths and Truths of Whole Body Cryotherapy

The ideal temperature to achieve results during whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is -110° Celsius. And yet, you’ve probably seen pictures of whole body cryotherapy equipment showing temperatures as low as -150° Celsius or you’ve read articles touting temperatures as low as -284° Fahrenheit, which would be -175° Celsius. Unbelievable that someone could withstand these temperatures, much less benefit from them, right?

Well, yeah, that’s right: a person could not withstand, let alone benefit from exposure to temperatures THAT cold.

So, what’s the real deal? What are these -150° and -175° Celsius temperatures?

These temperatures are the temperatures of the nitrogen gas cooling the cryosauna. Think about it this way: You have your air conditioning set at 72°. The cold air coming into your room to cool to 72° needs to be colder than 72°.

Now, let’s think about a cryosauna. The liquid nitrogen is heated and then enters the cryosauna. Temperature readings of -150° and -175° Celsius are like the temperature of the air cooling your room: the nitrogen gas must be colder than the temperature you want to reach inside the Cryosauna

So, how do you know if you are at -110° Celsius? You need a temperature reading WITHIN the Cryosauna.

The Impact Cryosauna measures the temperature in two places. First, it measures the nitrogen gas cooling the cryosauna and it is typically set around -185° Celsius. Second, it measures the temperature within the cryosauna at about hip height. And this is the true temperature of your whole body cryotherapy experience!

So, when you go to get your chill on, look for one of the Impact Cryotherapy locations and enjoy the true experience, not the myth.