What Can Cryo Do For You?

Whole body cryotherapy is quickly becoming one of the coolest wellness trends on the market. Celebrities (like Lauren Graham and Mario Lopez), professional athletes (including Dak Prescott), and everyone in between is embracing the chill. Retail shops that offer cryotherapy and other wellness modalities are popping up all over the US and collegiate sports programs (Georgetown University, University of Missouri… just to name a few) are installing cryosaunas into their training rooms.  Luxury resorts, med spas, and gyms are also adding cryotherapy to their list of offerings – but why?  What is the advantage of utilizing cryotherapy – for both the participant and the cryosauna consumer?

The advantage of doing whole body cryotherapy

The temporary dry chill that a cryotherapy participant experiences during a cryo session cues the body’s evolutionary bio-response to extreme cold. In fact, it has been said that a single three-minute session promotes the natural healing process and leaves the participant feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Whole body cryo is also a fast and effective alternative to ice baths, making the therapy a perfect fit for athletes, fitness fanatics, weekend warriors, and busy-bodies. So, does chilling out for three minutes for the sake of wellness live up to all the hype? We’d say so.

The advantage of offering whole body cryotherapy at your business

Whole body cryotherapy is a growing health trend that generates loyalty, repeat usage, and a strong profit trajectory. Whether you’re opening a new cryo shop or adding it to an existing business/ facility – the ROI can be attractive. Cryotherapy is utilized by various types of consumers and it is safe for daily use. Survey results also indicate that many users receive treatments two or three times per week. A two to three-minute session means rapid throughput of participants with zero downtime.

So, are you ready to hop on the cryo train?