Top 10 Cryotherapy Stories of 2016

We’ve picked out what we consider to be this year’s coolest cryotherapy stories.

10. Todd Sampson’s Body Hack: Cryotherapy

giphy (1)

This unaired extra shows Australian bio-hacker, Todd Sampson, enjoying the chill of cryotherapy for the very first time. The video is intense, informative, and it makes you want to get your cryo on!

9. Train Like An Elite Athlete with Cryotherapy


Haute Living’s Hadley Henriette discusses the power of cryo for athletes AND regular folks while name dropping a few celeb cryo chillers (like Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, and Jennifer Aniston)

8. Inside the very hot, very cold cryotherapy trend

rsz_14711235_1084923908276237_1657810849903331282_oKerry Laureman of THE WASHINGTON POSTS paid a visit to DC’s District Cryo and shared his experience with the world. We chose the video over the article because the article makes some not-so-positive comments about this negative temperature therapy.

7. What It’s Really Like to Try Cryotherapycat crowe blogSoulCycle’s Cat Crowe (who is also an ULTRA MARATHON runner) gives you the low down on having a cryo session. Did you know that she frequents the Cryosauna 6-7 times a month?

6. The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

I can I will I do blog pic_resized

Bubbly bride-to-be, Alex, blogged about her awesome experience at Manhattan Beach’s Cryo Wave. We LOVE the references to Frozen and Austin Powers!

5. I Spent 3 Minutes In -184 Temps and Didn’t Come Out Looking Like Han Solo


Annnndddd… another pop culture reference- we love it! If the title of this article doesn’t draw you in, the first pull quote will: “Whether you’re an athlete, non-athlete, trainee, non-trainee, [cryotherapy] is something that fits everyone and everyone’s lifestyle.” ALSO- the gym featured in this article, Drive 495, is owned by celebrity trainer DON SALADINO! (Blake Lively is one of his many clients)

4. Cryotherapy Brings the Arctic to Chargers Park

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This story is a double- whammy. It features both the San Diego Chargers AND White Sox pitcher, James Shields! Did you know that Shields owns 2 cryo shops and a mobile unit that frequents Chargers Park?

3. Dak Prescott chills out in the #BlackOctagon

Dak Prescott (2)_resizedOkay, this is a tweet, not an article… but we had to include it because it generated a lot of chatter in the twitterverse! Both “Dak Attack” Prescott and The Athletic Room retweeted it!

2. Georgetown adds cryotherapy to new athletic center

2025863fe7a029191482948218This collegiate sports focused cryo story was originally featured on Sport Techie and then was picked up by the mecca of sports news- Sports Illustrated. Cool, right?!

1.Impact Cryotherapy Cryosauna Freezes Out Competition on ABC’s “Shark Tank”
Robert Herjavec_resized
ABC Shark Tank

The octagon is so cool that it made it on NATIONAL TELEVISION! This was a major WIN for the cryotherapy world!

As we look toward 2017, we’re hoping to make an even bigger impact on the media than we did this year! The world needs to  know cryo… on an even bigger scale!