4 Impact Cryotherapy Service Offerings You’ll Want To Know About

When it comes to providing great service, we believe in one simple rule: Go above and beyond for happy customers.

That’s exactly why each of our Impact Cryotherapy machines comes with more than just a how-to manual: Our clients get the full support of the Impact Cryotherapy team to help with everything from installation, training, machine operation certification to ongoing service and more. Here’s where we go the extra mile:

1. Site Evaluation

Considering cryotherapy for your business? Great – we’ll set you up with a complementary site evaluation to ensure that your space is set up to make cryotherapy a success.

Since you’ll be receiving regular service from your nitrogen provider, we’ll also help set you up with a partner to help you receive service whenever you need it. 

2. Certified On-site Training

Before you can operate your Impact Cryotherapy machine, our team provides 2-days of on-location training and certification for you and your staff. Can’t attending training? Not a problem – you can access our training video via our Customer Resource Portal.

3. Onsite Delivery

Your Impact Cryotherapy machine is installed by one of our factory trained employees – no need to worry about remote installation or handling the set-up yourself.

Another great perk about working with Impact Cryotherapy is the speed at which our machines are ready — since we manufacture in the U.S., your machine could be to you in as few as ten days from ordering to installing.   

4. Customer Resource Portal

We’re here to partner with you throughout your cryotherapy journey, not just help you get started. That’s why we provide a fully-interactive Customer Resource Portal that gives you full access to the information you need to ensure that your business continues to succeed. Whether you need to order parts, download marketing materials or want to watch refresher training videos, all Impact Cryotherapy customers will have access to essential resources through a unique portal on our website.

From the on-site training to the quick delivery, we’re here to provide the best cryosauna machine installation and ongoing service out there — and we really pride ourselves on getting that right from the first point of contact. Ready to learn more about how Impact Cryotherapy can help boost your business? We’re excited to talk more about your business goals so get in touch with us today.