Dr. Steve Hatfield, Owner of ELITE Sports Med & Physical Therapy

ELITE Sports Medicine is an established Physical Therapy practice with two locations. The clinics are in the Northern Atlanta suburbs of Hamilton Mill and Buford, Ga. While Physical Therapy is the focus, ELITE represents much more, including Sports Medicine, Wellness, Performance Enhancement, Cryotherapy, Fitness Classes, and Personal Training.

Tell me about your goals/vision for your business.

Our goal at ELITE is to provide patients and clients with outstanding customer service and the most forward-thinking, progressive treatments, that utilize leading-edge technology and research.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

We are excited to add cryotherapy for several reasons. Primarily, it is a much needed evolution of ice baths or ice packs. Physical Therapists have used various thermal modalities for decades. However, the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna allows us the ability to implement a modern, leading-edge technology. In addition, cryotherapy helps to keep us unique and relevant in a highly competitive market. Finally, in the ever-changing landscape of health insurance, and diminishing reimbursement, cryotherapy is an attractive cash-based service for our clinics.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

Impact, the manufacturer, is somewhat local to us in the Southeast. Furthermore, the Impact business model is very supportive and helpful for a small business.

How has cryotherapy been received by customers?

While we are still early in our launch of cryotherapy, the response has been positive. We are excited about growing our cryotherapy client base.

How do you promote the cryotherapy?

Currently, we promote cryotherapy to our current patients, student athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Why do your clients utilize cryotherapy?

Our clients have a variety of conditions to address and some are painful conditions. They utilize cryotherapy as an adjunct to their exercise, health and wellness regimens and acknowledge it benefits them.