Celebs Who Use Cryotherapy

If you think athletes are the only ones trying whole-body cryotherapy, think again. Celebrities who use cryotherapy range from funny guys like Will Smith to Broadway stars and Shark Tank moguls.

Lucky for us, may celebs document their cryotherapy experiences — sometimes with laughable results.

Will Smith
The legendary Will Smith documented his first time experiencing cryotherapy on his recent trip to the Bahamas. It’s no surprise that his video was entertaining to watch. The actor-producer was hesitant at first but afterward said, “IT WORKS! It knocked out all my aches and pains. I hate icing, so this was perfect for me.”

Octavia Spencer
Actress and comedian, Octavia Spencer, stopped by an Impact Cryo client’s location to experience cryotherapy for the first time. The hilarious experience was shared across social media – thanks for keeping us laughing, Octavia!

Anthony Bourdain
The late Anthony Bourdain visited Music City Cryo in Nashville, Tennessee on an episode of his CNN show ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ several years ago.

The dearly missed chef and TV personality spent one minute and 40 seconds in an Impact cryosauna. While he started a countdown to the end, Bourdain was surprised by how quickly the time went, calling it “kind of awesome.”

Leslie Odom Jr.
A New York news station spoke with Broadway star Leslie Odom Jr. about the workout routine he used to keep in shape for his role in the hit musical, ‘Hamilton.’ Odom said he uses cryotherapy to recover after each workout.

He joked that his personal trainer distracts him by talking about other things during the three-minute session. Odom reported cryotherapy benefits including feeling more energized and less muscle restriction.

Barbara Corcoran
Impact Cryotherapy client, GLACÉ Cryotherapy, dove into the waters of Shark Tank as they sought to expand their business. It was real estate and business expert, Barbara Corcoran, who immediately warmed up to cryotherapy – “These kids are golden!” she said of the brother-sister duo behind GLACÉ.

Kerry Lauerman
Washington Post editor Kerry Lauerman also tried whole-body cryotherapy to find out what was behind what he called the “very hot, very cold” trend. He reported feeling giddy and a rush of adrenaline afterward, describing the experience as “intense.” While Lauerman was at DistrictCryo, he spoke with owner Antwain Coward about cryotherapy benefits including better sleep, workout bounce-back, and performance.

Interested in seeing for yourself why celebs use cryotherapy? Check out our cryosauna locator to find a studio near you and see what this “very hot, very cold” trend is all about.