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Top 10 Cryotherapy Stories of 2016

We’ve picked out what we consider to be this year’s coolest cryotherapy stories. 10. Todd Sampson’s Body Hack: Cryotherapy This unaired extra shows Australian bio-hacker, Todd Sampson, enjoying the chill of cryotherapy for the very…

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What Can Cryo Do For You?

Whole body cryotherapy is quickly becoming one of the coolest wellness trends on the market. Celebrities (like Lauren Graham and Mario Lopez), professional athletes (including Dak Prescott), and everyone in between¬†is embracing the chill. Retail…

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Cryosauna Safety Precautions: Part I

Cryotherapy is an enjoyable addition to a fitness and wellness regimen. When operating a cryosauna and participating in cryotherapy session, as with any equipment, there are cryosauna safety precautions worth knowing, worth remembering and worth…

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