Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy is the
newest cold therapy method available to you.


Boost Performance. Train Hard.

Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy Units give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation and reducing recovery time so they can train harder and maximize performance.

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Take The Lead. Get In Early.

An outstanding business opportunity to get involved with an innovative, yet established wellness concept that is being embraced in major U.S. markets and generates a strong ROI.

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A New Approach to Your Treatment Regimen

The evolution of cold therapy, Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy enables physical therapists, sports chiropractors and other health professionals to treat patients with an innovative, yet established technology to effect better outcomes.

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Break The Ice And Relax.

Separate yourself from other destinations by adding Impact Whole Body Cryotherapy, the ultimate in rejuvenation and exhilaration, to your guests' exceptional experience.

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